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Laurent Tanturier 

Senior Vice President, BASF Middle-East, Africa, CIS

"We as BASF worked with Dries to deep dive, better understand and finally enhance our employee-engagement in our South African organization. I was personally involved in this initiative and I did enjoy how Dries introduced this matter and promptly captured the attention, then the true interest, of all our leadership team in the company.


Not only Dries' experience and knowledge but also his skills as a facilitator were impressive to me. Fact is, we extended and "implemented" the StrenghtsFinder across our South Africa organization department by department, then also to our whole African organization, with the same success.


Besides this, I always keep in contact with Dries since then for open discussions or advice about other countries I have under my responsibility. Thank you Dries!" 

Mariella Serra 

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Amsterdam

"With his immensely profound knowledge and experience with Strengths, Dries takes you to the depths of your deepest self and he sees patterns that no one else sees.


There is no other way than to follow your own Strengths energy after joining his workshops and training. He has given me such a profound understanding of others and self and has brought my Strengths coaching to another dimension. This enabled me to reach an even deeper impact for my clients and an intense understanding of my strengths energy, needs and dynamics. I could listen to his words endlessly. Hope this learning experience continues as there is so much more to learn from him.


Do you want to have an impact on your Strengths? Hire Dries."

Luis Falcao

Sales and Marketing Strategist

As the MD of a global multinational firm, and a former coach and consultant myself, I am mostly highly sceptical about the impact a coach or consultant can make.  


When Dries introduced his unique Strengths-based approach to my company years ago, I instinctively realized that it was something different – something that will not merely keep people busy as ‘training-window-dressing’, but an approach that will lead to exactly the thing I believe in as a leader and manager – impact and sustainable results! It was also very clear from the start that Dries was a master at his trade.


After 5 years, I still work closely with Dries – professionally and personally.”






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"So, admit it, you stink at some things.

You have blind spots, weaknesses, areas in which others seem to perform effortlessly while you struggle just to be average.


You are also overly modest about your strengths.  What seems to be no big deal for you is difficult for others.  

Your strengths are stronger and your weaknesses weaker than you realise.


You need help.  You are also precisely the help someone else needs."

- Rodd Wagner - "The Power of 2", Gallup Press

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