• Interactive Online classes:

    • Two days on Online Class (live) - total of 16 hours.

    • Various Resources materials, models and applications for a deeper impact with the Strengths-based approach.

    • 1 x Individual Mentoring sessions with Dries Lombaard.

    • 34 “Theme Cards” for Coaching that includes all information per Strength. 

  • After the course, you write a Knowledge Assessment to test your overall knowledge.  You have 2 opportunities to write and pass this assessment.  If you went through the whole course, passing this assessment is effortless.



Online, videos, assessments, reading, Individual sessions, group discussions etc.



  • Clifton Strengthsfinder All 34 Report

  • Completed any Entry-level CliftonStrenghts Coach Training

Enhancing the Art of Strengths Coaching

Enhanced Level - Diving deeper into Themes, Dynamics, Coaching techniques and Teamwork.


This course is ideal for

  • Current Coaches

  • Aspiring Coaches

  • Managers and Leaders of teams

  • Therapists, Counsellors

  • Teachers

  • Pastors

  • Parents



  • Enhanced level of understanding of the different Strengths Combinations and its elements;

  • Knowledge and skills in applying the "Work Zones" of Strengths for individuals and teams;

  • Skills in managing, coaching and facilitating Team Alignment and effectiveness from a Strengths-based approach;

  • Impactful models and skills for Strengths-based Team Coaching;


Dries Lombaard

Brad Anderson

Joe Holloway (USA)



R 20 000.00

$   1 250.00

€.   1000.00

  • Building on the Core Level, a deeper dive into the 34 Strengths, with special emphasis on attributes like:

    • Key Role and Value add of each Strength;

    • The patterns of Thinking, Feeling and Behaving of each Strength;

    • “Personal pressure” and “Public pressure” on each Strength;

    • Relational Detriments and Work Detriments;

    • Work Zones of each Strength

  • Strengths titles, roles and mandates;

  • Understanding how to facilitate Strength-based team sessions and team coaching, and how to set up and apply the use of a Strengths Matrix.

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