At your own time, pace

and schedule...!


24 hours in total

  • Interactive Online classes:

    • Pre-recorded lessons, made up of a variety of reading, videos, illustrations and short assignments or quizzes that you complete as you progress. 

    • 2 x Scheduled Online Group Interactions (Live) of approximately 2 hours each. 

    • 1 x Individual Mentoring session (live) with Dries Lombaard, where he gives you personal time and mentoring on the content.  These sessions are scheduled with you in person for a time that works for you.


  • Online videos, assessments, reading, individual sessions, group discussions etc.

  • Course conducted on a secure online training platform, with each participant having their unique access and progress with support.

  • You follow the lessons on your own time and convenience.

  • Lessons available for 60 days to complete.



  • Clifton Strengthsfinder All 34 Report (not included).

  • Pre-work reading from the book: Launch your Brilliance.   (Book included as Training Resource)

Launching the Art of Strengths Coaching

Core Level Strengths-based Practices & Competencies for Coaching or Managing.


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This course is ideal for

  • Current Coaches

  • Aspiring Coaches

  • In-house Coaches of Companies

  • HR Partners or Specialists 

  • Therapists, Counsellors

  • Managers and Leaders of teams

  • Teachers

  • Pastors

  • Parents



  • The skills and knowledge to take Strengths-based approach “beyond awareness”, thus, not only staying within the context of the basic Strengths definitions and explanations but moving towards the actual, real-life impact and application that changes lives and shapes careers, teams and relationships.

  • Skills to conduct high-impact "Awareness Discussions", unpacking a Strengths Profile.

  • Skills and knowledge to explain the unique dynamics between different Strength combinations and pairings;

  • Skills and knowledge to assist people with action steps towards Strength Development;

  • Skills and knowledge to assist people with better management of their Strengths in real-life contexts.


Dries Lombaard

Brad Anderson

Joe Holloway (USA)



R 15 200.00

$      950.00

€      850.00

  • A solid, science-based introduction to the Strengths Movement and Positive Psychology;

  • Essential understanding of the CliftonStrengths Assessment and all its components;

  • Understanding and using “Strengths Dynamics” – the interaction between two or more different Strengths and its outcomes and effects;

  • Understanding and applying the Four Domains of Strengths in personal or leadership development;

  • Understanding the use of different Strength-attributes, like possible Core-themes, Ignition Themes, Relaxing Themes, Guilt Themes, Spiritual Themes etc.;

  • Super Themes and Contrasting Themes, and its impact;

  • Skills and knowledge on the essence of the “NEED” of every Strength, as well as the management of the Strength combinations;

  • A unique and effective Strengths Coaching / Managing Model, that leads to immediate impact in Strengths-based Coaching and development.

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