28 hours in total

  • Three and a half days on interactive Online Training.


Online, videos, assessments, reading, Individual sessions, group discussions etc.



  • Clifton Strengthsfinder All 34 Report

  • Completed Launching the Art of Strengths Coaching training

  • Completed Enhancing the Art of Strengths Coaching training

Mastering the Art of Strengths Coaching

Master Level Strengths-based Coaching & Competencies.


This course is ideal for

  • Current Coaches

  • Therapists

  • Counsellors

  • Psychologists



  • Insight and application of the "10 Elements of Leadership" in Strengths Coaching;

  • Skills in designing a sustainable Strengths Coaching Journey for Managers, Leaders and Teams;

  • Skills in Strengths-based Organizational Development;

  • Experience in various Case Studies of individuals, teams and organizations from a Strengths-based perspective.


Dries Lombaard

Joe Holloway (USA)



R 26 400.00

$   1 650.00

€.   1350.00

Building on the Enhanced Level, the Master Course is a true “Next Level” experience, where you do more than three days (28 hours) of application and case studies in Individual, Partner, Team and Organizational application of the Art of Strengths.

  • Application of the “Work Zones” of Strengths for teams and projects;

  • The application of “10 Elements of Strengths-based Leadership and Development, that can be unpacked and developed from a CliftonStrengths report, being:

    • Worldview

    • Decision making

    • Fairness

    • Conflict Management

    • Social Intelligence

    • Learning Style

    • Influence

    • Execution

    • Risk

    • Growth

  • Intensive application of Strengths Matrix in Teams.

  • Application of the different “Roles and Mandates” of Strengths in Teams

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