Understanding and managing your Belief

A great way to describe the talent theme of Belief® is with the word "Conviction".  

Your patterns of thought, emotion and action are strongly determined by your strong and clear inner conviction. 


But it is that same brilliant quality that may well hijack you in a manner which causes a detriment - your possible tendency to label and judge others.  People who are strong in this Belief® talent agrees for this being true.  the strong conviction which guides them is simply so strong that they sometimes cannot accept someone else to be of different conviction or values.  This judgmental tendency needs consistent and intentional management not to become a serious detriment in relationships. 


Making it Practical


It sounds a lot simpler than it is, but this is really where it starts:  accept that there may be other convictions than yours, that is not intended to cause harm, and that tolerance of this difference of Belief® or values does not mean that you compromise on your own convictions.  


The talent of Belief® is exceptionally strong (very often people with this talent also discovers this to be their "core theme" of strengths). It is also clustered within the domain of Executing Talents - which means it effects the way you do things in a very definite way.  Your convictions and values guide your actions.  But, it is exactly this intensity of conviction that may lead to the detriment of judgementalism. 


Again:  the key to managing this is that you should understand that acceptance of different views, opinions, beliefs or values does NOT mean the sacrifice of your own.  Sometimes I like to challenge people with the Belief® theme by asking them:  "Is your conviction so ungrounded that it cannot stand it's ground amongst other convictions?"  I believe this to be essential in managing this awesome talent.


Secondly:  a strong Belief® theme may at times be resistant to change or new creative ideas.  This also is rooted in the need for Belief® to stay grounded in the familiar and what you Belief® to be true.  But you may find that if this is unmanaged, it may well be of detriment to yourself.  Manage this well.


Change is difficult for you, as change follows your convictions and beliefs.  Thus, you will only embrace change once you are convinced that it aligns with your values and beliefs.  This is not an instant process, in most cases.  This process of acceptance and evaluation takes time.  Therefor you do not rush into change without some clear deliberation.


If you do not have the luxury of time to first deliberate over the change, you will need to manage this need for time well.  You will need to intentionally "turn down" your "volume knob" on the constant need to be completely at ease with where the change will lead and if it aligns with your beliefs.  This will mostly not be necessary, as you are very clear on your convictions, but we all know there are a lot of grey areas in life - and especially so when change is involved.


What will also work well for you is to make sure you have a "back door" open....something like an "exit clause", which you can use when you later down the line realize that your beliefs are compromised by the change, and you want out.


Go live with is what drives you!

- From the book "Launch your Brilliance".


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