Strengths-based Leadership


6 hours


Online (Zoom) or on location


 Must have at least 5 CliftonStrengths All 34 Profiles of people as Case Studies



Dries Lombaard


Coaches / Leaders trained in this





ZAR 2'500 per person (minimum 4)

US$180 per person (minimum 4)

how to lead

from your strengths

We as BASF worked with Dries to deep dive, better understand and finally enhance our employee-engagement in our South African organization. I was personally involved in this initiative and I did enjoy how Dries introduced this matter and promptly captured the attention, then the true interest, of all our leadership team in the company. Not only Dries' experience and knowledge but also his skills as a facilitator were impressive to me. Fact is, we extended and "implemented" the CliftonStrengths approach across our South Africa organization department by department, then also to our whole African organization, with the same success. Besides this, I always keep in contact with Dries since then for open discussions or advice about other countries I have under my responsibility. Thank you Dries!" 

- Laurent Tanturier, Senior Vice President, BASF, Istanbul, Turkey.

This course is ideal for

  • Leadership Coaches

  • Management Coaches

  • Leaders and Managers on all levels


  • Strengths knowledge and skill for best leadership results.

  • Strengths-based Leadership in a "VUCA" world

  • Understanding and applying your own Strengths-based leadership style for maximum effectiveness

  • Skill and knowledge on how to draw from your unique strengths in any situation

  • Strategies for effective Strength-based Leadership engagement

  • Leading a team from a Strengths perspective – knowing your team member’s strengths and building on it

  • Applying your own Strength-based leadership strategy in practice – yourself and your team as a case study.

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