Strengths-based Sales


6 hours



Online (Zoom) or on location


Requirements  :

Pre-work reading will be supplied


Facilitated by:

Dries Lombaard


ZAR 2'500 per person (minimum 4)

US$ 180 per person (minimum 4)

selling from

your strengths

As the MD of a global multinational firm, and a former coach and consultant myself, I am mostly highly sceptical about the impact a coach or consultant can make.  When Dries introduced his unique Strengths-based approach to my company years ago, I instinctively realized that it was something different – something that will not merely keep people busy as ‘training-window-dressing’, but an approach that will lead to exactly the thing I believe in as a leader and manager – impact and sustainable results! It was also very clear from the start that Dries was a master at his trade.



After 5 years, I still work closely with Dries – professionally and personally. Attend his training, apply it, and watch the magic happen.”



- Luis Miguel Falcao, Sales & Marketing Strategist, and former country manager at BASF AP Southern Africa, and AVENG DFC.

This course is ideal for

  • Sales Coaches and Consultants

  • Sales Executives in any industry

  • Sales Teams

  • Anyone who needs to sell anything with high impact



  • Knowledge and skill in terms of sales best practices from a Strengths-Based perspective

  •  Understanding and applying your own selling style for maximum effectiveness

  •  Skill & knowledge on how to draw from your unique strengths in any situation

  • Skill for effective Strength-Based sales team management

  • Managing a team from a Strengths perspective – knowing your team member's strengths and building on it

  • Understanding when to manage…and when to lead – from your strengths

  • Applying your own Strength-Based Management strategy in practice –yourself and your sales team as case study

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