Facilitating Strengths-based Teams



6 hours



Online (Zoom) or on location






Dries Lombaard



ZAR 2'500 per person (minimum 4)

US$ 180 per person (minimum 4)

team facilitation

on strengths

"I have come to know Dries over the past few years and can wholeheartedly advocate his absolute passion for growing people and strengthening teams.

He is a true master in his field and I am often amazed by the wealth of knowledge he has.

As a Strengths Coach, Dries has become a mentor for me and he is a man I highly respect. Anyone wanting to maximize themselves or their team would be smart to involve Dries."

- Gavin Lund; Specialist in Team Integration, Strengths-based Development and Effective Speaking, Johannesburg.

This course is ideal for

  • Any leader or manager in any industry or context

  • Team facilitators

  • Coaches and Consultants

  • HR Professionals

  • OD Professionals

  • Anyone who needs to facilitate a  high-impact Strengths-based Team Session



  • Best practices for facilitating Strengths-based teams

  • How to create a Strengths-based Team from dysfunctional teams, disengaged teams, effective teams or start-up teams

  • Applying the CliftonStrengths Results by taking a Strengths Matrix beyond mere awareness

  • Strategical use of the Strengths Matrix

  • Overlaying "Roles and Mandates" within a Team for maximum effectiveness 

  • Strategies for embedding a Strengths-based culture that lasts

  • The ability to restore teams, develop teams or maximize teams

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